- OBJ file coordinate converter -

by Yuzuru Jewell(KANAE PROJECT) produced by youwith. 01/03/10

TUZURA is a program which changes the coordinate of an OBJ file for TATARA 5.0.

It can correct the fault of the OBJ file which TATARA 5.0.137-140 and TATARA 5.0.144 output. And it can change the coordinate of the OBJ file of TATARA 4.0 for TATARA5.0.

Only TATARA 5.0 users can use TUZURA.

TUZURA 1.0.0 (01/03/10)

Win 32bit

Virus checked by NOD32 ver.4741.

The Software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind.
In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.
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Windows 32bit
Windows XP/Vista/7 64bit/32bit


There is no installer.


You can uninstall only by deleting the file called "TUZURA.exe".

1) Please Load an OBJ file.
You can Load an OBJ file by the following three methods.
a) Drop an OBJ file with the application icon of TUZURA.
b) Drop an OBJ file with the form of TUZURA.
c) Select Load on the file menu.
2) Please select "Conversion type" from DropDownList.
The converted OBJ file is immediately displayed on the preview pane.
3) Please Save an OBJ file.
You can Save an OBJ file by the following two methods.
a) Click Save Button.
b) Select Save on the file menu.

How to use Preview

You can drag an object and make it rotate.

How to use the Menus

You can load a OBJ file which you want to use by TATARA 5.0.
The texture described by the OBJ file is loaded automatically.

* You can load only the OBJ file which can be used by TATARA5.0.

You can save a OBJ file which you converted.
The program is ended.

Conversion type DropDownList

You can choose the following conversion types.

  • None
  • TATARA 4.0 -> TATATA 5.0
  • TATARA 5.0.137-140-> TATATA 5.0
  • TATARA 5.0.144 -> TATATA 5.0
  • TATATA 5.0 -> Right-Hand coordinate
  • Right-Hand coordinate -> TATATA 5.0
  • TATATA 5.0 -> Left Hand coordinate
  • Left Hand coordinate -> TATATA 5.0
01/03/10 TUZURI 1.0.0
First Rerease.

Only TATARA 5.0 users can use TUZURA.
Please purchase TATARA Serial Code (license) from the TATARA Serial Box in-world at: KANAE PROJECT Shop

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