- Sculpted Prim Maker -

by Yuzuru Jewell(KANAE PROJECT) produced by youwith. 08/14/07

This Program makes Sculpted Prim texture .tga file of the pushed-out object.
TOKOROTEN is Japanese extruded jelly.

TOKOROTEN 1.07 (08/14/07)

Win 32bit

Virus checked by NOD32 ver.8382.

The Software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind.
In no case shall the author be liable for any damage or unwanted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software.

Windows 32bit
Windows 10 64bit/32bit


There is no installer.


You can uninstall only by deleting "tokoroten" file.

1)Make the form of the object by moving the control points.
The first form is a cylinder.
A user drags the blue circle and transforms a solid.
If a Shift-key is pushed and a control point is clicked, two or more control points can be chosen.
More than one control can be chosen by the range designation.
2)Save .tga file
This program output Sculpted Prim texture of a solid of revolution from data done a plot of the screen.
You can select output TGA File size from 128x128,256x256,512x512.
3)Export Data
This program exports text file for the solid prim from data done a plot of by the screen.
The form of the text is as follows.
 --TOKOROTEN DATA V2 //header
 XX tab ZZ //16 or 32 coordinate data
You can make or adjust this data by using spreadsheets.
4)Import Data
This program imports text data of the form mentioned above.
When you choose more than one control point, the following function is available from the pop-up menu which it clicks on the right button of the mouse at and which is indicated.
When you don't select any control points, the popup menu is not enabled.
-Rotate +30 Degree
The chosen control points turn counterclockwise around an axis.
-Rotate -30 Degree
The chosen control points turns clockwise around an axis of the chosen control points.
-Horizontal Align
The chosen control points are lined up in the horizontal coordinate.
-Vertical Align
The chosen control points are lined up in the vertical coordinate.
-Equal Intervals
The interval of three or more selected control points is evenly arranged.
*Depending on the selected control point, it may not align as expected.
You can 256-step UNDO and REDO function.
-Control Point Count
You can select from 16,32 point. When you change it, the data is reset to the beginning.
You can select output TGA File size from 128*128,256*256,512*512.
You can choose whether it pushes out twisting from 0 degree,90 degrees,180 degrees,270 degrees and 360 degrees.
-Bevel/Side Type
You can set up the bevel of the object pushed out. And you can push out an object so that the form seen from the side may become a ball, a cup, and a pyramid.

You can expand the editing screen. You can change the magnification by using the wheel of the mouse.
You can turn on a grid. Control points will stick or "snap" to the grid.
-Disply Background
You can indicate an image in the background of the editing screen. The images used for backgrounds must be JPEG.
If a control point is moved, the control point of other symmetrical locations will move. None, Mirror image, Rotation, and 4 Rotation can be chosen.
-View Level
If you choose Multi, a client will display three steps of forms which display an object.
Stephen Zenith Says, "I've just tried it using Wine on Linux, and it seems to work perfectly, just like Rokuro does." Thank you, Stephen Zenith!
Here is a list of tutorial programs that I recommend as very good as a result of my checking the contents.
-The operating environment has been changed to Windows 10.
-The operating environment has been changed to Windows 8.1/10.
08/14/07 TOKOROTEN 1.07
-The misspelling of Application title and Window Caption was corrected.
08/12/07 TOKOROTEN 1.06
-The option saved in a BMP 24bit 64x64 file format was changed.
This format can be used by Sculpty exporter for Wings 3D.
Detailed usage should see here. Thank you, Natalia Zelmanov!
08/06/07 TOKOROTEN 1.05
-The option saved in a BMP file format was added.
06/18/07 TOKOROTEN 1.04
-The fault of the TGA print was corrected.
-The 1x1 Grid functionality was added.
-The functionality of the symmetrical edit was added to View.
06/17/07 TOKOROTEN 1.03
-When all were chosen, the fault when performing Equal Intervals was corrected. At this time, it becomes a circle centering on a centroid.
06/11/07 TOKOROTEN 1.01
-The rendering algorithm was changed.
06/26/07 TOKOROTEN 1.0
-View level was added.
-The rendering algorithm was changed.
-The locomotive function by a keyboard was added.
-The 64x64 output TGA File was deleted.
-The 64 points of control points was deleted.
The import of the data of an old version will perform interpolation automatically.
06/08/07 TOKOROTEN 0.10
-When the TWist option was specified, the function to adjust size automatically so that it may not overflow, even if it rotates was added.
06/08/07 TOKOROTEN 0.9
first release

Second Life

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Thanks to KJ Georgette for help with this Readme file.