BIL/HGT to Image Converter

by Yuzuru Jewell(KANAE PROJECT)

BIL2BMP reads a binary elevation map (BIL) and outputs a texture and height map in BMP or PNG format.

It can also read data from SRTM3 data (HGT) and data from The Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE) Project. If an HDR file of the same name exists, the program automatically reads Byte Order, Colomns, Rows, and Missing Flag. If no HDR file exists, a dialog box is displayed to specify one. Byte Order is selected between signed 16-bit little endian and signed 16-bit big endian.

The texture color uses the height and color palette information in BIL2BMP.txt.


BIL2BMP 2.10 (11/10/22)

Virus checked by NOD32 ver.26232.


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Operating environment

Windows 64bit

Windows 10 64bit / Windows 11

Install & UnInstall


Unzip the ZIP file and copy all extracted files to storage. The following files will be extracted.

  • "BIL2BMP.exe" program unit
  • "BIL2BMP.txt" height pallete file
  • "readme.html" readme file
  • "readme_w64ja.html" readme(Japanese)
  • "license_en.txt" KANAE PROJECT Software License Agreement File(Japanese)


After confirming that the program has finished, delete the following files in the folder from storage.

  • "BIL2BMP.exe"
  • "BIL2BMP.txt"
  • "readme.html"
  • "readme_w64ja.html"
  • "license_en.txt"
How to use
1) Open BIL/HGT/BIN file
Clicking the Open button displays a file selection dialog, and the specified altitude file is loaded.

You can read an altitude binary file (BIL file) that contains altitude data in 2 bytes.
The file is read by specifying the order of the 2-byte altitude data (unit is [m]), the size of the altitude data, and the altitude data for places without altitude.
If these information are contained in the HDR file of the same name, they will be read and used; otherwise, a dialog box will appear and you will have to specify them.
The following two HDR file formats are supported.

data_byte_order          =  little_endian or big_endian  (byte order)
number_of_rows           =  NNN (number of rows)
number_of_columns        =  NNN (number of columns)
elev_m_missing_flag      = -NNN (missing flag)
BYTEORDER M or I (byte order M:big_endian I:little_endian)
NROWS   NNN     (number of rows)
NCOLS   NNN     (number of columns)
NODATA -NNN     (missing flag)

Spaces are ignored and NNN is an integer.
The maximum column size is 10800 and the maximum row size is 4800.
If you do not have an HDR or HDT file of the same name, specify it in the dialog. Make the settings and click OK button; the settings dialog will appear when the HGT file is loaded.

HDR Dialog
2) Save texture and height maps

When you click the Save button, BIL2BMP outputs two image files. One is a texture file with "-tx" appended to the filename entered in the dialog, and the other is a height map file with "-ht" appended.
The texture file is generated using the height palette information in BIL2BMP.txt. The height map file is a monochrome image with height information smoothed and optimized to 256 levels. High areas are white and low areas are black.

texture file
tx file
height map file
ht file

You can specify the range of images to save by dragging the mouse or editing the spin box values. The default is all ranges.

3) Height Smoothing
When outputting an altitude map file, you can specify the degree of smoothing.
BIL2BMP.txt Height Pallete File

Tab-delimited data. The structure is as follows. The area below the specified height is painted with the specified color.
It is loaded at startup.

Height[m]	R(0-255)	G(0-255)	B(0-255)

BIL2BMP is shareware, but all features are available indefinitely with no registration.
Please register to maintain the program offering.

BIL2BMP Donate Box at KANAE Shop

If you register, the banner ads displayed at the bottom of the program will be hidden.

How to register
1) Double-click BIL2BMP to start.
BIL2BMP Register1
2) Click the About button in the upper right corner of the dialog.
The About dialog box will appear.
BIL2BMP Register2
3) Click the Register button.
A dialog box for entering a user name and password will appear.
BIL2BMP Register3
4) Enter your user name and password and click the OK button.
Enter your username and password. The password is case-sensitive.
11/10/22 BIL2BMP 2.10
  • Improved file selection process.
11/09/22 BIL2BMP 2.9
  • Version 2 First Release
  • Changed UI for output range.
06/22/08 BIL2BMP 1.00
  • First Release

Thanks to KJ Georgette for help with this Readme file.

Thanks to youwoth Jewell for checking this software.